10 augusti 2007

Tack och bock, adjö.

Some of you might already have figured it out but here it is;
This blog is officially over.
I found out that this kind of thing takes more time than I have to spend.

If anyone feels that this blog should live on I'd be happy to give it to you. Just write me a line why you should have it, "rylleman at gmail dot com".

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

21 maj 2006


A very nice looking satirical piece.

creators; Three Legged Legs.
Quicktime, 1min. 7sec. 11,1Mb.

08 maj 2006

Tim Tom

A meta-film with a very sadistic human creator.
I'm not sure if the likeness to Jiri Trnkas "the Hand" is intentional or not but while Trnkas hand represented the totalitarian regime this hand is just plain mean.

creators; Romain Segaud and Christel Pougeoise, Supinfocom CCI Valenciennes 2002.
QT, 4min. 22sec, 23Mb.
(Film site)

(Thanks to Jan Johansson for reminding me of this film.)

05 maj 2006

the Big Win

And now it's time for a very stylish commercial for the National Lottery (UK that is).
CGI made to look like 50's puppet animation.
If you're wondering the tune is sung by Patience and Prudence, it's slightly disturbing how jolly they are.

creator; Marc Craste, Studio aka, 2006
QT, 1min. 12.1Mb.

Take the afternoon off to browse Studio aka's film gallery, there's a lot to like there.

03 maj 2006

The Monk and the Fish

This is one of my alltime favourite animated shorts, it's beautiful and funny and the obsession of the monk to catch that fish is just adorable.

creator; Michael Dudok De Wit, 1994
Flv, 6min. 4 sec. 14.3Mb.

25 april 2006


"Play it again, Sam" wasn't said in Casablanca, neither in this music video for the band Bent Fabric.
I doubt the guy is called Sam or even that the piano knows a man by that name so why bring it up? Forget that line and enjoy the film instead.

creator; Anders Morgenthaler, 2003.
Quicktime. 3min. 15sec. 10Mb.

20 april 2006


These bizarre pirates and Elvises on colourful pills dances around in beautiful springy motion on typical pirate locations; ships, the bottom of the ocean and in outer space.

Watch out for these two creators in the future, they are going to produce more great things I'm sure.

creators; Oury and Thomas, Supinfocom School of graphic design and 3D in Paris / Partizan Lab, 2004.
Quicktime, 4 min. 23Mb.

You can spend hours at the Partizan Lab page, they got loads of beautiful films.

18 april 2006


This is one very nice looking commercial for United Airlines done in a very interesting technique where cut-out and puppet animation are mixed.
Be sure to watch the "making of"-documentary at the United Airlines Commercials Page.

creator; Jamie Caliri.
Quicktime7, 1min., 6.1Mb (There are also wmv and mp4 versions at the U.A. page above or a high quality QT at Jamies page)

11 april 2006


The graphical style of Sylvain Chomet was stunning in "the Old Lady and the Pigeons" and "the Triplettes of Belleville" and it continues in this commercial for Winterthur.

And I've read that Chomet is now working on an animated feature film of an unpublished Jacques Tati script! Can you buy tickets for the premiere yet?

creator; Sylvain Chomet.
Quicktime, 1min. 28sec. 2.8Mb

09 april 2006


Let's continue with the stone age.
This time in 2D with one of the bumpers for the Annecy animation festival 2002.
The concept in this movie is very clever and might appeal to those who want to trace the origin of animation further back than 1906 and "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces".

creators; Y. Avenati, S. Andriveau, Louis Clichy, H.Barberau, I-A. Rödiger. (-the Goebelins animation School, Paris. 2002)
(Juranessic web page)
Quicktime, 30 sec. 4Mb.

06 april 2006

In The Rough

How about a bit of domestic disturbance in the stone age?
Great CGI animation.

creator; Paul Taylor (Blur Studios)
Quicktime 4min. 50sec. 36Mb

05 april 2006

Make Mine Shoebox

1950's educational movies, yummy!
Ok, it's not an actual 1950's educational movie but a very fun pastiche. And it is educational if you're thinking of going into the greeting card business.

creator; Chris Harding, 2003
Quicktime, 5min. 18sec. 11Mb